Body wood therapy

Body wood therapy

Body wood therapy

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"Rejuvenating and Body-Shifting."

60 minutes

This is the massage that is fashionable and it is true what is said about it, "Rejuvenating and Changing bodies." At first it may be annoying, but it is extremely effective and our expert will take care of improving your blood circulation, reducing adipose tissue (to combat unwanted cellulite), eliminating toxins, and also toning up and improving your appearance using wooden implements. of your skin You reduce size, it is a deep tissue massage that if you combine it with an abundant intake of water, you will see that after several sessions it is seen or is usually compared to the effects of liposuction. The skin with this treatment is affirmed in an impressive way. It is not magic, like everything in life you must do your part and help him by feeding yourself better so that you can really see the so-called "Magic of the sticks". The lymphatic drainage that is carried out at the end of this treatment will take you to a relaxation of another level, and you will drain the toxins and the liquid retained throughout your body in the days following the massage. It really is wonderful and the change you will see will be a Before and After.

Guaranteed! Without a doubt, it will be an experience that you will want to repeat!

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Body wood therapy
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